Why Choose BB&N?


1。 惊人的学者

你会想在与噼啪能源消费教室的每一天,老师和学生谁将会带出你最好的中间? 学习是一种 全面接触的运动 at BB&N. We are a place where it’s cool to be smart, where students are engaged, and where they learn to find their voice and to use it.

2。 一流的师资队伍


3。 绝世同行

There is no such thing as a BB&N “type.” We take pride in the diversity of backgrounds, talents, and interests of students. You’ll learn as much from your classmates as you do from your teachers, and that’s saying a lot!

4。 宏伟的座右铭

荣誉,奖学金,善良(或 honestas,litterae,comitas in Latin). These three words define the BB&N experience for every member of this school community. These concepts guide the way we work, learn, play, and relate to each other at BB&N.

5。 冒险进取

We make a guarantee to students as they start their journey at BB&N: You will discover at least one (and usually more) passion during your time here that you wouldn’t have imagined on day one. The opportunities are boundless here and we encourage students to explore new challenges, to embrace new interests.

6。 剑桥,剑桥,剑桥大学

BB&N’s three campuses place our students amidst one of the world’s most intellectually vibrant and diverse cities. This world, this energy not only puts you in close proximity to unlimited learning opportunities but also will infuse your sense of yourself and your possibilities as you begin to explore it.

But it’s impossible to fully capture the unique spirit and energy of Buckingham Browne & Nichols in a website alone. We invite you to visit our campuses, meet our students and teachers, and explore our extraordinary program.


Entry Grades at BB&N

〜初学者 (32位)
〜幼儿园 (约8个空格)
〜6年级 (约17个空格)
〜7级 (约25个空格)
〜8级 (约10个空格)
〜9年级 (约45个空格)
〜其他牌号 (空格有时打开)