Tuition & Financial Aid

BB&N is proud of its long history of helping families make an independent school education possible for their children. Through our policies and practices our goal is to try to enroll talented and motivated students regardless of their family’s ability to afford a BB&N education.

Fundamentally, financial aid enriches the experience of every single member of the BB&N community. Financial aid allows us to create a community of learners from many different backgrounds, who will test each other’s assumptions, cultivate each other’s strengths, and open each other's remarkable young minds.

我们的学生超过25%接受以需求为基础的援助,高于平均水平的独立学校(NAIS)会员的全国性协会。事实上,我们的金融援助预算翻了一番,达到近$ 10,000,000在过去10年里说明了学校的承诺和董事会继续加强对接入和支付能力的支持。


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